Redundancy flight controller

Hi all,
I would like to know, if it is possible, with Pixhawk 3, to realize a drone with redundant flight controller. Where could I find documentation, if it’s possible?
Thank you so much.

Hi, I’ve heard that some developers are currently working on this but it’s not ready yet.

Hi bresh,
I apologize for the delay with I respond. I had a bit problem. About the theme heard you some news?
Thanks a lot!

Hi, @codabat Not that I’m aware of :confused:

@bresch, but in your opinion, it’s impossible to have un px4 flight controller that check if master flight controller is working correctly or even no longer working and taking control of the vehicle? That you know a couple of pixhawk can exchange status information the other flight controller? Maybe through serial communication?
Thank you so much for your kind. :wave:

@codabat Maybe this is what are you looking for. But it is hardware based.

thank you very much for the information. Now I take a look!
Thanks again.

Any update on the development, the issue has become stale on PX4.

Any development from anyone else??