Recover Parameter File from logs

Is it possible to get the params file from the flight log? I have a damaged autopilot so I can’t get the params over USB, but I do have the ulog files on the sd card.

Yes you can use pretty much any of the log analysis tools to do so.
I use PlotJuggler

Other wise I believe that Flight review show you the param as well.

Thanks. I don’t need to see the parameters. I need a *.params file I can upload to the aircraft via QGC.

You can download the param file from Flight Review after you upload your ULG file.

Good luck.

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You can also use

@Nicolas I don’t see where in that link I can generate a *.params file from the ulog?

Isn’t the output of ulog_params readable by QGC?

ubuntu@ubuntu:~/github/pyulog/test$ ulog_params sample.ulg

Negative, just tried. Saved the output as params.txt and as aircraft.params and neither worked. Doesn’t give any error when I go to Parameters->Tools->“Load from file” but the parameters do not change.

Using 1.9.2 and QGC 3.5.4

@rollys, Just tried this and it just creates a text file with comma delimiters - same as the pyulog output. This isn’t something QGC can upload as a parameter file.

Did you try to just change the extension from .txt to .params ?

Good luck.

Correct. Renamed to a *.params and it didn’t work. I can see *.params files have a bit different format.

Oh well, I guess at the very least, you can use it to recreate in the FC.

Good luck.