.px4log to .ulg converter


Is there a tool to convert from the old logger sdlog2 (.px4log) to the new ulog one (.ulg) .

I have tried to analyse a flight on log muncher, but there seems to be something wrong the site as I only get blank screens , so I thought I would try the new Flight Review Online Tool, but that one needs .ulg


No I don’t think so, but there are many softwares you can use to analyze the px4logs.
See https://dev.px4.io/en/log/flight_log_analysis.html

@ealdaz Could you share a px4log that doesn’t work please?

Of course! Thanks for offering to check it out.

It’s a > 40Mb file, where should I upload it to?

I downloaded the log file using QGC, but I will try later to copy the log directly from the SD card too, to make sure there was not an error downloading.

You can just upload it to some cloud repo such as Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link.
And yes, try to copy it directly from the SD card.

Other questions:
Did it work before?
Are you or were you able to upload other logs?
Did you do a software update since then?

I know that with my current setup, when I download a .ulg file from QGC, it is downloaded with a .px4log extension that I have to change manually. It’s also maybe the case for you.

I’ve downloaded it directly from the SD card and it works as it normally does, which is good news. So the issue was with the log downloaded with QGC

What I generally experience with log muncher is that the first time I click on view report after it’s says that the report is generated I only have a couple of graphs showing, the rest are blank.
If I keep refreshing the rest of graphs gradually appear, do you experience the same thing?
Is it finishing building the report in the background ?

Yes and Yes. It has to “munch” the data.

@ealdaz hello
I downloaded the log file using QGC is a.px4log, but it does not working to analyze . and I downloaded the log from SD card is a.ulg , but the same is not working well . can u, please help me to solve the problem ?
thank u so much .

I think that’s a bug in older QGC that incorrectly adds the .px4log extension no matter what. Try and get a fresh log, copy it directly off the sdcard (or use QGC dailiy) and upload it to https://logs.px4.io/