Receiving STATUSTEXT ( #253 )

Good day!

I’m using PX4_FMU_V3 1.11.3 and trying to read “STATUSTEXT” messages through TELEM port.
I see QGC is receiving those messages, but if I’m connected as Onboard companion controller, messages doesn’t come. With help of MAV_CMD_REQUEST_MESSAGE I’m also unable to get those messages. How it’s possible to ask for “STATUSTEXT” message?

Hi @Developer,

Could you make it work? I have the same problem, using mavsdk-python to receive the messages. All other message is received that I have tried, except statustext, which in the same time appears in QGC. I have tried all the different severity level for it too, with no success.

Hello @Safranek42! No, at moment when I need those messages I changed MAV_TYPE in heartbeat as MAV_TYPE_GCS (6). For now it works, other than that, there’s needed changes somewhere in source code.