Can't receive mavlink #253 (STATUSTEXT) message via companion link since 1.6.4

Hi! I have working configuration such as px4 1.5.5 and odroid-c2 with mavros (ros-kinetic-mavros 0.19.0) connected via telem2 (baudrate 57600). Alongside with mavros my own routine is running to read some mavlink messages which are not available within mavros.

Now I’m moving to px4 1.7.3 and all seems perfect except mavlink message #253. I can’t receive one with any setup I checked. Could you please explain that or suggest a workaround?

UPD: I’ve found a solution, but I don’t know if it’s a good solution. I’ve made a fix in [mavlink_receiver.cpp#L1658] (PX4-Autopilot/mavlink_receiver.cpp at 6609e4843b1ecce8b40cc925b843e5214c0aa358 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub)

- if (msg->sysid != mavlink_system.sysid && hb.type == MAV_TYPE_GCS)
+ if (msg->sysid != mavlink_system.sysid && (hb.type == MAV_TYPE_GCS || hb.type == MAV_TYPE_ONBOARD_CONTROLLER))

After that I can receive STATUSTEXT messages.

This problem occurs when only onboard computer with mavros is connected to the pixhawk (i.e. if I connect QGC via usb port I do receive STATUSTEXT without altering firmware)


In v1.10 this seems to be fixed (in a way similar to what was suggested in the post):

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