Trying to get Command_ack from telem2

Hi all,

I am trying to send commands and get the results for them via arduino, which is connected to telem2.
I have successfully sent command_long and can confirm the results on QGC, but command_ack doesn’t seem to be sent to telem2.

In order to get command_ack from telem2, what sysid/compid should I include in the command_long?


Is MAVLink communication working at all on Telem 2 for you? I would verify that first. And please provide the PX4 version that you are using.

Thank you for a reply.

When I send Arm/Disarm command via Telem 2, I can confirm on QGC(connected to Telem 1) that the pixhawk is armed/disarmed. So yes, I think MAVLink communication is working at least partially.

I am using px4 v1.8.2.

Ok, so it sounds like something of your serial reading or mavlink parsing on the Arduino side is wrong. I can’t really help though without seeing any source.

Excuse me,
I’m sorry I can’t answer your question. and I have a question about how to send armed/disarmed to px4.