Is there a way to save and reload sensor calibration data?

I am using a Pixhawk with PX4 and QGroundControl in a couple different airframes and am getting tired of doing the little sensor calibration dance whenever I switch between them. Is there a way to save the calibration and reload it after changing the airframe? … Or should I just buy more Pixhawks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of clicking the airframe in QGC you can directly set the SYS_AUTOSTART param to the airframe id. This skips the param reset, but you also might miss airframe specific defaults. I can also show you where in the code to hack to avoid this.

Although annoying it’s generally safer to force users to recalibrate when jumping to a new airframe.

Perhaps we should add another param to optionally skip the sensor calibration reset.

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Perfect, thanks! I’ll try that and check on the defaults.

Also in QGC, under Params check the “Tools” menu over on the far right side, there’s Save to file and Load from file. This works fine, I’ve been using it OK.
You could save sets params with a suitable filename for each aircraft, and just reload the params when swapping airframes.
There’s also Reboot in the tools menu, which you will need.

Just to clarify, does “Save to file” result in saving ALL flight controller setups, parameters and calibration data?

I realize this post is a year old and I might not get a response.