Reading output pwm value in console or GCS

I want to read output PWM value provided to motors by pixhawk. I have connected my quad to mission planner using USB. Through my rc transmitter(in stabilize mode) I am only giving throttle as input. But in status tab of mission planner it is showing unequal output pwm values. My understanding is if we give only throttle as input than output pwm to motors should be same. Now with this case where output pwm are unequal I can’t take risk of flying. can I read output pwm values using NSH console?

Well in Stabilized Mode as soon as your Quad is not 100% Level (or due
to Sensor Noise, Motor Vibration resp. improper Calibration, YAW Drift),
the FC will try to compensate. This will always end in unequal PWM
Values - this is normal IMHO.
Still there may be other Errors from
cabling, motors, direction/mounting of Props, FC settings/calibration
which may prevent a takeoff.

I have done calibration again and problem remains the same . Can I try to fly with these unequal pwm.