PWM app in nutshell doesn't change PWM values

I’m trying to change the settings on my esc’s. This is done similarly to how esc calibration is done, You start with pwm value high when the esc’s are powered on and you set the pwm value high or low at specific times to select settings. I couldn’t figure out a way to get PX4 to act as a passthrough for my RC transmitter and just send the throttle channel to all esc’s so I was hoping to do this through the “pwm” app in nutshell. However I can’t get the pwm app to actually do anything. I’ve tried “pwm arm”, “pwm test -a -p 1100”, disabling a bunch of the safety circuit breakers, etc. but no matter what I do the pwm values stay disarmed at a pwm value of 900. Does anyone know why the pwm app is not working? Alternatively is there a way to get PX4 to act as a passthrough for the RC transmitter so that I can set the esc’s manually with the transmitter?

Is the flight controller running? You might try stopping it before using that app.

I had run mc_att_control stop but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Is there more to be done than that?

I’m using a pixracer. When I look at the raw servo mavlink messages I see channels 1-4 which are steady at 900, 5 and 6 are at 1500. Then I also see readouts for channels 7-16 which appear to be fluctuating. I have no idea what these channels represent.

See github issue #9052 for more information.

same question but I find it that

mc_att_control stop
fw_att_control stop
motor_ramp sine 1100 0.5

and then
pwm test -a -p 1100
will be in effect

I dont konw why
wish you to find the reason