Reach RTK support


I am interested in using the Reach RTK, Reach M2 and M+ – RTK GNSS/GPS modules for high precision mapping | Emlid together with PX4. There have been some topics on this in the past, but these have been inconclusive so I decided not to necrobump.

A few questions;

  • Has anyone some experience with using PX4 and reach by any chance? If so I would be happy to hear how you got it to work.
  • I know QGroundControl doesn’t yet support RTCM injection so I planned to use MAVProxy, but it written by the Ardupilot community, and integration with PX4 has so far not yielded any significant results. There is GitHub - kiorpesc/mavproxy_px4: a module for the MAVProxy GCS to add basic support for the PX4 but this has not seen any love in 3 years. Anyone has any experience with MAVProxy?
  • Could someone give me an overview of what needs to happen to for example implement ERB into PX4? Can I just rewrite the GPS drivers at GitHub - PX4/PX4-GPSDrivers: Platform independent GPS drivers and get it working or does it need something more fundamental?
  • Lastly, based on the above, would it be easier just to switch to Ardupilot? 3 guys of our team, including me, have been spending the last couple of weeks on PX4, but we could still use some convincing to pull through. We are planning a major rewrite of the controller but before we do this we need to decide what will make most sense.

Any input is welcome, thanks in advance,