Reach RTK and PX4

Hi, I am trying to use the RTK solution from Emlid (Reach) with Pixhawk and PX4 software.

So far I have set up the reach modules as rover and base. They can communicate if they’re in the same network and correction data gets sent. However, I am not sure how to connect the rover module to Pixhawk. There are different formats to output solution from Reach (NMEA, RTCM,…). I saw in other forums that NMEA hasn’t been supported by PX4 until some time ago, but now it is, is that correct? Or which format should I use?

Since the Reach base and Rover modules can already communicate and send corrections if they’re in the same network, I thought that now the corrected GPS position data could be sent directly the Pixhawk in one of the above formats. However, in the instructions for Reach / Ardupilot telemetry is also used and I don’t quite understand why.
To sum it up: What format should be used to send GPS data from the Reach rover module to pixhawk? How should I connect rover module with Pixhawk (GPS Port or Serial 4/5)? Do I have to do any other configuration steps?

Thanks for your help!

Did you ever get the reach rtk from emlid working with the Pixhawk running PX4?

Have you made it work? I am struggling with the same issue!