RC transmitter does not work

Hello guys,
I recentl bought a Px4pilot from Hobbyking

Everythings works fine except the RC transmitter of TUrnigy i10 ( 10 channels) that was not recognized by mission planner despite it is connected to the radio control and is powered by the microcontroller
any solutions ??


since you mention mission planner, are you sure you are using the PX4 flight stack? If not but you would like to give it a try, download http://qgroundcontrol.com/ and flash PX4 stable. Then people on this forum will be able to help you.


Yeah it’s the same result with QGroundControl there is no rc transmitter.detected.

So if it doesn’t work with APM/mission planner or PX4/QGC it sounds like a hardware/wiring issue. Could you post a picture of the setup and describe how you have everything connected. Also exactly which firmwares you have tried.