Pixhawk 1 & Turnigy TGY-IA6C 2.4Ghz Receiver

I have a Pixhawk 1 flight controller connected to a Turnigy TGY-IA6C 2.4Ghz Receiver. When making throttle inputs on the transmitter, the inputs show up on Mission Planner. However, when starting up the drone, an error message of “No RC Receiver” shows up.

What are the causes of this issue and how does one fix it?

For reference, this is the flight controller

Hi @Wachlan ,

You say that you are using Mission Planner; are you running PX4 on your Pixhawk or APM?
It is highly recommended to use QGC with PX4.
If you are using PX4, which version are you using? V1.8? Master?

Hello @bresch
I’m experiencing the same problem with pixhawk 4 FC working with Radiolink radios. I am using QGC. What might be the problem?

Hi @bresch,

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately I’m not to sure if I am running PX4 since I am both very new to this and because a friend of mine bought this drone kit for me to try out. Having said that, what steps should I take in order to find this out?
Also, I tried using QGC but the pixhawk refused to connect, although this could be because I may not be using PX4.