RC Loss Triggering Often w/ Joystick

Hi all, I’ve seen similar issues brought up in many posts, but there are usually no solutions.


Basically, when using a joystick, QGC reports RC_LOSS often, and triggers failsafe procedures. I have been working around this by disabling the failsafe, but really would like to understand what is happening.

REPRODUCE: I’ve noticed that when I open the mavlink inspector it will cause the issue every time.

I have also noticed that with the failsafe disabled, I maintain full control of the vehicle, so it doesn’t seem to be an actual loss.

I have read that spikes in CPU usage can cause a delay in RC which can be seen as an RC loss. I have disabled mavlink streams in the firmware to drop the cpu usage(PixRacer) to about %60 and logs do not show a spike in CPU. I have also tested with a Holybro Kakute f7, which idles at ~%35 and also has the same RC loss issue, so the CPU usage doesn’t seem to be the culprit.

I also read the commander can get bogged down, and then read old RC data with an old timestamp and report it as a loss, but there no mention of we might work around that.

If anyone has any insights or is also having this issue please let me know! I will update as I learn more, and hopefully find a solution.

Thank you!