Manual control lost issue

I test px4’s code with v1.7.2.And I have found that It reports "Manual control lost"and"Manual control regained"repeatedly.The issue still exits even in the simulation of gazebo.I wonder that if it is a bug? Could it endanger my flight?Thank you.

I am seeing this bug in SITL with gazebo right now as well

I usually get this when the Tx is too close and it’s swamping the Rx. I move the Tx a few feet away and it stops.

Good luck.

But curiously, how could the sitl report the same issue?

We see spurious Manual Control Lost events when the CPU on the autopilot gets overloaded. Even if there is a very brief spike in CPU load we will see Manual Control Lost warning. I should add that we don’t actually have a RC TX/RX plugged in, but we have the failsafes disabled. I wonder if your SITL setup has some similar type issue…

Is this question have been solved? Because I ran into the same issue the Manual control keep lost and regain. Does anyone know the reason?