Raspivid gstreamer zerotier qgroundcontrol

I hope to use pi camera for video streaming to my mobile(4g & zerotier vpn) qgroundcontrol.

(raspivid / gstreamer / zerotier)

considering above factors,

how should I type in pi command line to get video stream to qgroundcontrol?

below is my setting. I can get telemetry data 4g.

Pixhawk 1 (2.4.8) Rpi 3 b+ & pi camera
Mavlink-router installed
VPN (zerotier)
LTE usb dongle : Huawei E8372

Mobile (4g & Zerotier one) - qgroundcontrol


Set up a virtual private network between the companion and GCS computer (i.e. install a VPN system like zerotier (opens new window) on both computers). The companion then uses mavlink-router (opens new window) to route traffic between the serial interface (flight controller) and GCS computer on the VPN network.

This method has the benefit that the GCS computer address can be static within the VPN, so the configuration of the mavlink router does not need to change over time. In addition, the communication link is secure because all VPN traffic is encrypted (MAVLink 2 itself does not support encryption).