Radiolink Rx(R12DS)&TX(AT10) +pixhawk2.4.8 connection +configuration

I am suffering to understand how to connect these RX + FC.
I have the following parts -
(Transmitter)radiolink AT10+
(receiver) radiolink R12DS+
pixhawk 2.4.8
There is no body explaining jow to connect them using Sbus.
the current situation is that i connected s.bus 3pins(GND+signal+ voltage) to “RCIN” of the controller. when i tried to configure the radio i could not it is saying “0 radio channels detected’ u need at least 5 channels”.
Any one have same condition kindly he;s such a beginner like me. I am struggling since i tried before with cleanflight but i did not face radio issues there

Did you get a solution to this?
Currently having the same problem, with same rx/tx on pixhawk 4.