Cannot connect Radiolink at10ii with pixhawk 2.4.8

Hi ,trying to connect new Radiolink AT10ii to pixhawk with missionplanner flight control system.
Binding transmitter and receiver no problem - it seems like pixhawk cant read signal , have tryed 3 different Pxhk with same resolt no connection what so ever.

My old transmitter Fly Sky connects and flyes without problem.

What can i do?


I use the same radio RadioLink AT10ii.
The radio receiver ist RD12S (
I configurered the reicever with the SBUS mode.
The “SBus in” is used on The Pixhawk PX4 (
You can configured this radio with 12 channels RadioLink AT10ii in my case

The “sbus” on pixhawk do not recive any signal from revciver.
Plug the cable to “rc in” on your pixhawk.
This port accept both sbus and ppm signal.

You can connect VCC +5V to your pixhawk via “sbus”

Hi Serge
Have somtrouble with my mailsystem too you may not receive my answer via gmail.

Anyway thanks for tip, SBus mode works good

have a nice day

Hi thanks for tip im startin to get a hang on what is what.:slight_smile: