Radio link mission planner

Hi there can someone help me please I have downloaded the radio link mission planner and Iam trying to change the modes 1 to mode 2 and I can’t find how to do it??as I try to calibrate the transmitter and can only use mode1 which is the right stick.and I can’t find how to reverse the channels or channel mapping hope someone can help me many thanks Richard

Can you give some links of the hardware and software that you’re referring to? I don’t understand what you mean.

Hi there I use spekturm DX 9 G2 transmitter black edition.and my throttle stick is on the left.but when I use the mission planner (radio link mission planner)and go to radio calibration.the throttle stick is on the right :disappointed::disappointed:mode1.and can’t find any thing how to change it over or reverse the channels. thanks

This is the programme and software.mission planner for radiolink mini pixhawk 1.3.50.apm copter v3.5.7(7780aa24).I got it set up for heilcopter.most of it’s done just can’t change modes 1 as I need mode 2 :+1:. thanks Richard

Ok, so for questions with ArduPilot I suggest to head over to their forums:

The people in this forum are usually only familiar with PX4.

Hi there oh ok thanks buddy :+1:.still trying to work it I noticed which I dint know was servo out puts.i use 4servos and for the heilcopter.but it won’t let me use the proper names for them??so I don’t know what they would be called on the servo input.need to find someone who has done one for a heilcopter (450size) would u know thanks Richard