Pixhawk 4 Holybro / Mission Planner auxiliary channels

I bought Pixhawk 4 and was able to connect to Mission Planner, everything seems to be working fine, the problem is in my auxiliary channels, I can see and calibrate using sbus, but I can not assign the functions available in Mission Planner, does anyone know how to solve it?
The best software for the board is QGroundControl? I’m more accustomed to the Misssion Planner and I think it lacks some functions in QGroundControl like Auto Tune and P.I.D settings.
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If you are using Mission Planner, you are probably using ArduPilot. This forum is for the PX4 flight software. For ArduPilot, you might want to ask in their forums.

Sorry, the differences of the groups responsible is something that I have to understand better, but I started to adopt the QGroundControl and a concern is the PID tuning that is almost always necessary, I do not see that function for the user in QGroundControl, if necessary it is possible to do ? Thank you

QGroundControl works with both PX4 and ArduPilot.
And it should show settings for tuning as far as I know:


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