Radio Control under HITL with X-Plane doesn't works

Hi All,
Here it’s the configuration and setup that I have:
Pixhawk PX4 (FMU V2), Bootloader Version 4, FW version 1.8.4, QGroundControl version 3.4.4
All sensors (except Airspeed) and Radio are calibrated successfully. I am running under HITL configuration with X-Plane 10. I followed the instruction for HITL setup (in QGC and X-Plane). No GPS is connected to Pixhawk. Only Radio receiver is connected to Pixhawk.
I can use keyboard and mouse to flight the airplane in X-Plane and see the red arrow moves and follows the airplane in QGC. And the air data (Altitude, Airspeed) in QGC are updated correctly and correspondently with X-Plane. (Data transfer from X-Plane to QGC seems work properly)
But I can’t use Radio to control the airplane. None of the sticks (Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Throttle) affects the airplane in X-Plane.
The setting in Parameters: COM_RC_IN_MODE = RC Transmitter; COM_RC_OVERRIDE = Enable.
Flight Mode is set to Manual.
Could anyone shed some light on Radio control under HITL?
Your input is appreciated in advance.


@texram did you find any solution to this? facing the exact same problem .

I don’t know if it says so in the instructions, but you have to be armed for this to transmit the commands.

No, I haven’t got any progress on this issue yet.
How about you, did you get the issue resolved?