Radio Calibration: 0 Channels detected? Why?

QGC keeps on saying that 0 Channels are detected and it needs a minimum of 5!

Here is the way I am testing it:

The receiver’s LEDs don’t light up at all. I was curious about the binding and health of the receiver so I hooked it up to the airplane’s ESC and motor to test:

It seems to be binded with the transmitter and works just fine (tested the throttle channel).

Am I missing something?

Here’s my equipment and software list:

  1. Pixhawk 4 (Holybro)
  2. Ublox M8N GPS with IST8310 compass
  3. Rx: FrSky TFR8SB
  4. Tx: Futaba T6EX 2.4 GHz
  5. QGroundControl (v 3.5)
    The Pixhawk 4 is powered through the USB port.



I flipped the Sbus cable that connects the Pixhawk 4 to the receiver. Now it’s all working fine. I got it to both power up and managed to calibrate it using QGC. :smiley:

I am having the same issues, have you found any solution?

Hey Less_Opinion,

Here’s how my problem fixed itself: