Radio calibration

I have a pixhawk 3 Pro. I am using a taranis Tx for calibration by using QGC and I am still having the same problem: “RC radio calibration, Detected 0 radio channels. To operate PX4, you need at least 5 channels” it would be necessary to use a PPM encoder? any help will be appreciated

Did you bind the receiver and the transmitter, e.g. on the receiver do you see a solid green light. Is it.connected to the correct port? It’s clearly not receiving any radio channels.

  • What make and model Rx are you using?
  • It needs to be SBUS from the Rx to the Pixhawk.
  • If your Rx is on PPM, you need a PPM encoder between the Rx and the Pixhawk.
  • And just verify, it plugs into the RCIN of the Pixhawk (not SBUS).

Good luck.

Ensure you are binding in the correct mode. Example with x8r.

Place bind plug across channel (1&2) & (3&4). Bind Taranis in D16 mode.

If it’s a new Rx, or you have updated the Tx, you might have incompatible firmware. Need to make sure both Rx & Tx are updated.