Detected 0 Channels. To operate PX4 you need at least 5 channels (Pixhawk 6C/Herelink V1.1 cu)

Hi all, I have a problem with QGC’s setup.

In QGC everything is working and calibrated despite the Radio.
When I try to calibrate it it’s write “detected 0 channels…”

In the controller unit’s setup also every channel is working and calibrated.

I’m using a Holybro Pixhawk 6C as a flight controller and a Herelink controller unit v1.1 (Herelink Controller Unit (V1.1) | CubePilot – IR-LOCK) as a cu.

I attach a picture of the wiring.

It’s will be an airship, not a multicopter, that’s why the parts in a gondola.

Check out the output mode delivered by the Rx to the Autopilot. In Transmitter open settings >go to bind page> check out the out put delivered is S-BUS.
If all good, then see Herelink’s air module is exactly connected by S-BUS 1 channel.

Otherwise, change the port from ppm/s-bus to S_BUS port, then try the above.