Question of submodules

hello everyone. I checkout Firmware to v1.8.2.But when I compile it, i get en error,it says :slight_smile:

tasks/FlightTask.cpp:38:21: error: ‘matrix::Vector3f {aka class matrix::Vector3}’ has no member named ‘copyToRaw’; did you mean ‘copyTo’

I know I have some problems with submodules of matrix.In matrix latest codes, it don’t have ‘copyToRaw’.when I get back to old code, The problem was solved, But there are other problems with others submodules.
Could you tell me how to do it.Thanks!

So when you checkout v1.8.2, do you also update the submodules?

When I switch between branches, I usually do:

make clean
git checkout <whatever tag>
git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule sync --recursive
git submodule update --init --recursive #only needed in odd cases, I think
make <whatever target>

No.You are right.Thank you!