Quadrotor crash after RTL mode selection

Dear all,
Yesterday while testing my new X4 platform I ended up crashing it after selecting RTL mode. I would like to ask you three things that I can’t explain on my own.
Flight Log: https://review.px4.io/plot_app?log=1f91065f-5730-46f7-973b-1cda58b609ad (sorry for the video quality)

  1. I was getting a lot of warnings saying “[commander] NOT DISARMING: Not in manual mode or landed yet.”, could that be caused by a faulty land detector?
  2. As seen in the logs, the Estimator Watchdog kicked just before the crash, can an faulty height estimation cause the crash that I experinted?
  3. Finally, what should be the correct system behavior after a crash (drone landed upside down, for example)? I would expect that the system would disarm itself to protect the user, motors and ESCs, but yesterday all the motors were spinning until I was able to cut the power supply. Does the code implements some sort of crash detection?

Thank you all for you time.

Best Regards,
Thiago Pontes

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Hi , during SITL simulation the drone crash every time in RTL . When the drone reach the height to home position suddenly start to discend and move far away until to crash .
This behaviour is not present with mission planner. I’m using ardupilot firmware