Quadcopter: 1st time running. Motor burns as soon as arm

Hello everyone,

I am on my way to build my first ever quad copter. I am using Pixhawk4 flight controller. After arming my quad copter for the first time, the Motor 2 emitted smoke. I replaced the motor. After that same thing happened this morning with Motor no. 4, smoke coming out.

I checked thoroughly for any long screw issue which may touch the coils but nothing found. No screw is touching the coil.

A few minutes back I made a video and put at that to youtube showing that I can Arm and Disarm from Mission Planner software. But as soon as I am putting my battery and try to arm in real time, the motor burns. Not sure, what to do. Please advise.

Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7UfTuoDxJg
(Video of the Arming and Disarming within Mission Planner)

Looking for your kind help.

Anindya Banerjee

This is not an ArduCopter forum nor is it really possible for this to be a flight controller problem fundamentally, but I can try to give you some advice. First, what motors and ESCs are you using? Have you performed motor testing under Optional Hardware in Initial Setup? ESC calibration? Do the motors spin freely by hand when the battery is unplugged? Most likely it is an issue with the ESCs if everything else works correctly (probably just motor timing), but that is much worse than typical for just a simple misconfiguration. In addition usually there is low speed over-current protection that can be enabled for testing/tuning. I’m wondering if also the very long and coiled 3-phase wires could be messing up the inductance balancing or motor position inference.

This is not a very easy or rewarding problem to troubleshoot without some experience already. I would double check and post the motor, ESC, and battery, because your problem is somewhere in there. If we can’t figure it out I would make sure to buy a motor and ESC pair that is confirmed to work well together if this setup isn’t.