Quad to tri conversion

Hi ,
We are working in concept if In case a motor in quadcopter fails it should switch as tri copter or it shuld b stable and fly ,can any one help us

Hi, I see a couple of challenges:

  1. You have to detect a motor/prop failure. This either needs some detection logic in software or you need to use an ESC with feedback.
  2. Then you need to make software changes to switch the mixer in-flight from quad to tricopter, also not an easy thing.
  3. And for a traditional tricopter architecture you need at least one servo to set the angle of a motor. However, since you don’t know which motor will fail, you probably need to have at least 2 motors with servos. This adds complexity and weight.

I’d generally favor simpler setups like hexacopters or octo coaxial for this kind of redundancy against motor failures. Alternatively, you can look into how to continue flying with 3 motors without yaw control as it has been demonstrated by IDSC at ETH Zurich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek0FrCaogcs.

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Can u please tell me how to pwm in Pixhawk or how can we try to on and off pwm pin in Pixhawk

What are you trying to achieve?