Switching from hexacopter to quadropter during flight time

One of the requirements we have for the drone (hexacopter) we’re currently building is to be able to deal with one motor loss. Therefore, our idea if one motor stops rotating for whatever reason is to turn off the facing motor (spinning in the other direction) and pilot the drone as if it was a quadropter instead.

I would like to know if it’s possible to change the configuration during flight time without having to reboot the pixhawk for them to take effect ? We were thinking about sending a mavlink message (MAV_TYPE) from the offboard computer containing the new config.

At the same time, we would have as well to modify the pixhawk orientation parameters (as the front and tail of the drone would be different based on which motor stops working) and we were thinking about modifying those parameters sending a MAV_SENSOR_ORIENTATION message (or equivalent as we need to be able to configure it more accurately than every 90 degrees ).

Is this idea a good one or it won’t work at all for some reasons we’re not aware of ? How would you do it if it’s the case ? Any hints would be appreciated. Is it possible to set the configuration parameters the pixhawk’s position more accurately it than by step of 90° ?

Thanks in advance.

No one has any hints to give me about how to do that ?