Quad crash - lost RC? but no FAILSAFE

Hi guys,
just has a minor “crash” (uncontrolled landing) when flying my friday afternoon flight.
At a certain point i lost control and the quad simply descended until touching down.
From a first look at the logs it looks to me as though the RC data wasn’t coming in clearly until
eventually i lost LOS (flying to low) contact. i would expect (given my configuration) the quad to return to home
if this happens but instead it looks like the quad stayed in posCntrl and with the throttle down it simply descended until
it landed.

  • Any explanations as to why the fail-safe wasn’t triggered?
  • What’s a safe altitude to not loose RC at these kind of distances?

Log available here - LOG


Thanks for the log - we’re looking into it.

@LorenzMeier - any news on this?