Flight Log from crashed plane using V5

Plane fell out of the sky in Mission mode and was unrecoverable. Seems like at 35:45 actuator commands were set to min (1000 PWM) and roll aggressively diverged from setpoint.

I can’t figure out why the actuators output would diverge from roll setpoint, or if this is truly the cause of the crash. Running stable firmware 1.9.2.


I have seen something similar with RFD900 radios when the failsafe PPM isn’t set correctly. The aircraft thinks it is getting commands to go manual mode and disarm because it interprets the rc radio loss as rc inputs of 1000 across the board.

Can you test the behavior of the aircraft on a bench when it is armed and flying and you turn off the controller radio?

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The RC failsafe is disabled. Plus I was still armed when I picked up the crashed plane. I think it was just a stall due to bad airspeed sensor readings. Although the airspeed looks consistent until crash, the ground speed drops below stall and the airspeed doesn’t drop accordingly.