External joystick channel mapping


Trying to control a gimbal with a joystick connected to laptop. But QGC does not allow me to assign channels to joystick movements. It has the default settings as channels 1,2,3,4 like controlling roll,yaw,throttle,pitch. I would like to map like channel 9 to joystick movement (px4 joystick). Is this possible?

Thank you.

The RC channels are coming from the receiver to the Pix. All QGC is doing is configuring the Pix, and does not input anything to Pix in this regard, meaning it has no way to transmit the PC joystick to the Pix.
Don’t you have a wheel on your transmitter you could use for this?

Thanks for the reply,

I’m using Herelink Rc module, and it only has one wheel to use. Also it is not that convenient to use that way. In mission planner and Ardupilot we were able to implement what I mentioned. We want to use PX4 for different reasons. But the absence of this feature is really bugging us.

Perhaps because of multi OS support that joysticks are not supported?

There is a QGC channel on thier slack - perhaps you might get more insight there.

No, it is not about herelink. I connected the herelink unit to pc with wireless tethering. So I’m using the QGC on pc. If this feature does not exists, imho smo should implement this. I was asking if it was possible, as far as I understood, with the current state of QGC, one can not control a gimbal from a joystick conneceted to a pc.

Your best bet is to enter it as an issue in github and see what the devs have to say.
Is it open source so you could add it yourself, perhaps with thier guidance.

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