Connecting QGC via Dragonlink V3



I would like some help on how to get connection between the QGC and my pixhawk mini via a dx9 tx (with dragonlink v3). What are the Mavlink settings etc or setups required? I have not been successful after following instructions.

Any help would be appreciated as im sure more people are using this setup and without successful connection, I wont be able to “arm” the system to work the servos and motor and fly on my flying wing.



I assume its telemetry via Dragonlink your thinking of.
You have to sett the telemetryport you are using with Dragonlink data to “companion computer.”
Then you use the settings mentioned on the Dragonlik website
It worked for me. Streaming telemetry via dragonlink and via bluethoth to my phone :slight_smile:


Hi Ullteppet,

Thank you for the response.

Which software did you use? QGC or Mission Planner?

Many Thanks


Hello, same here try to use dragonlink telemetry with PX4 qgroundcontrol with no results as some of the commands are not available on parameters
Anyone is using Qgroundcontrol and dragonlink telemetry?