Qgroundcontrol not connecting to PixHawk Lite on Android Phone

I loaded Qgroundcontrol (yesterday from the google play store, cant find the version in the app to report) on my android phone, using a known good OTG cable and micro usb (works with SpeedyBee and Betaflight on F4 FC), I only get “Waiting for vehicle connection”. Help, is it a setting or? With Win7 and Mission Planner the PHL connects fine with micro USB cable.

Once this is working, will it work with 3DR modems (and the android app with OTG cable)?

My setup: Pixhawk Lite ruining chibios v3.6.4 loaded yesterday, M8N gps, 4n1 BLHeli_S esc, 2206-2400, 5050x3, 4s-1300

I’m not sure how QGC connects to a telemetry radio via OTG but I haven’t had much luck with it either. For Android, I use Mission Maker.

Good luck.

When this happens it is usually because another app like Tower or some old 3DR services app has the usb port locked to itself. Check that no other app has the usb port for private usage. This is from Application settings in android. If you are not prompted by Android as to what application you want to use when you plug in the usb then that means an app has it set for exclusive use.

Even after making sure that any and all apps that can use the USB port is closed or disconnected, it still won’t connect. But I can have QGC running the background and open Mission Maker and am able to connect to it.

For reference, I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580) with Adroid 8.1.0. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U) with Android 8.0.0 and it’s the same thing there as well.

Make sure no apps are running. Then when you plug in the usb are you prompted as to which app to use?

I do this from bootup and check to make sure nothing else is running in the background. It prompts me to allow it to connect to USB device. I click OK but nothing happens beyond that. With QGC open, I can open Mission Maker, click Connect and almost immediately announces it’s connected.

You mean android is prompting you right?

Let me try installing Mission Maker as well to see if I can reproduce.

Yes, Android does. It almost seem like QGC will only connect via Bluetooth.

Fix is here: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/pull/7166. New Android daily should be up in a few hours.