QGroundcontrol error message "detected 0 radio channels. to operate px4 you need at least 5 channels"

Dear people,

I am quite new with drones and really hoping to go further with my them but an issue with either my RC transmitter/receiver or software keeps cropping up and I hope that one of you can help me.

I am using pixhawk 4 mini for the flight controller and Qgroundcontrol for the software.

I calibrated the RC transmitter (FS-i6) and the Receiver (FS-iA6). I think it is done correctly because I can see the voltage of my receiver on the screen of my transmitter when both of them are ON. However, the first time that I try to bind them, using my LIPO battery I may have made a wrong connection between the LIPO and the receiver because it the latter smoked slightly. The light is still working every time I connect it to the PX4 mini so I hope it isn’t broken.

Anyway, every time that I try to calibrate my radio on QGroundcontrol I receive the message on the description “detected 0 radio channels. to operate px4 you need at least 5 channels”. I have tried everything that I have seen on this forum such as updating the firmware of the radio to the version FlyPlus 1.7.6, updating the firmware on QGroundcontrol and putting it into bootloader mode. I have put my transmitter in SBUS/PPM for the RX Output and I connected the channel 1 of my receiver with the PPM port of the PX4 mini.

Thank you for your time

If it smoked, it’s probably broke. Try a different receiver?

Good luck.

Okay thank you @rollys for your advice. You’re probably right, my receiver was probably broken. Unfortunately, I tried again with a new receiver (same model) and I still get the same error message … :frowning: Do you know something else that could lead to that issue ?