QGroundControl DragonLink Blutooth Mavlink Connection issues

ok so I have pixhawk2.1 cube with dragonlink mini rf module an serial mavlink telemetry, now Im able to connect to mission planner with ease, all information is werking, it doesnt matter on the MavLink protocol 1 or 2 or 57,000 or 19200…

But when I try and connect with QGC it lags and takes about a 90 seconds or so to connect, and when it does its missing all parameters, the odd thing is I hear the per-armed errors and saftey switch blah blah blah, but I get this error once connected …

“you are connected to a vehicle but did not return the full parameter list, as a result, the full set of vehicle setup options are not available”

now I can arm and dis-arm, but I do not trust this configuration like this. when I connect with USB I get full list of options.

Now the installed firmware came from mission planner 1.3.62 with installed ArduCopter 3.6.5
DragonLinkV3 firmware up to date.

Please help me make flight happen!

You should probably tag this as QGroundControl, and as you’re using ArduPilot, I’d suggest reposting to discuss.ardupilot.org as well.

There is some issue with stream rates to QGC and the DragonLink. This pull https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/pull/7053 was done to fix it. I don’t really know the details of how it all works. I believe there is an RC Groups forums somewhere where DragonLink user congregate and have this setup working.

update… If you have loaded the ardupilot chibios firmware you’ll have bluetooth mavlink connectivity issues…
I just loaded the full ardupilot firmware and now have working bluetooth mavlink via dragonlink v3