QgroundControl - Custom Camera

I’m using QGroundControl with the Intel Aero RTF and the Intel RealSense R200. I tried the Survey mode to capture pictures with “Custom Camera” and also the mission command using camera (as shown in the screenshot) but I don’t know where the data will be stored (Can we change the path location?) . Could someone help me for this?

That would be a hardware questions. I would assume the hardware has an SD card on it somewhere where it stores images.

The hardware contains the Intel Aero compute Board companion and Intel Aero Flight controller.
I searched on the companion and nothing was stored there.
Is there a way to find where QGroundControl stores the pictures?
I have this message when I try to trigger the camera.

It’s like if the camera is not recognized. Can we choose the camera on QGC too?

QGC has nothing to do with storing pictures. Pictures stay on the vehicle hardware.

I understand but is there a way to choose the camera device on QGC?

The mission commands take a camera id if I remember correctly. But I don’t think there is a way to generically choose from multiple cameras.