Intel Aero mapping

Hi guys,
I want to use the Intel Aero drone with Intel Realsense camera to map a zone using QGC. Unfortunately, I don’t find the camera in QGC. How can I do mapping using this drone/camera using QGC. Do I have to implement my own script to trigger the camera after each distance ? I’m a novice in this field…

Yes, you can try to juse the custom camera triggering settings in QGC but I don’t know if that works with the Intel Aero.

The problem is that the people behind the Intel Aero are not really active anymore in the PX4 community so the airframe is not maintained or tested anymore. Officially it’s discontinued by Intel.
You could also try their forums, maybe you’ll get a response:

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@JulianOes, despite the Intel Aero is discontinued by Intel if it will be supported By PX4 ?
I mean next firmware versions.

My vote is to drop support for it.

Ok, I understand.