Qgcs critical button popup disappearing as soon as pressed

This issue is when there is an error during the flight and when the critical button is pressed to view the logs. As soon as the critical button is pressed the pop up is opened and it stays till the user closes when used with the simulator, but this is not the case when connected with the drone. The popup immediately closes after displaying the logs. We want it to stay till the user closes it. Can someone look over the issue and tell what could be wrong? Please will be of a great help.

Stable or Daily build on what OS?

It is a stable version only. Stable version 4.x. Even in daily build we faced this issue. What could be the reason sir? The os is ubuntu 18.04. Will be glad if you could help

At that point where the toolbar vehicle messages dropdown disappears are you receiving additional critical messages from the vehicle. Receiving a new critical messages from the vehicle will close this dropdown to show you the critical error in the big orange popups.

When you try to open the dropdown and it closes, does that happen over and over again or only once?