Arduplane 4.0.1 with QGC not run?

I have updated the CUBE to version arduplane 4.0.1 and this message appears at QGC 3.5.4 / 3.5.6,

any info?

That’s a bug in stable which has been fixed in Daily. It’s just a bad version check. I’d suggest moving to Daily anyway since it has better suport for new ArduPilot releases.

Where is the link to access Daily version ?

I used this link to download the latest version for windows:

A tiny bit of searching will get you to it:

  • hover over downloads in top bar, click Daily Build from dropdown
  • click downloads, go to bottom of page
  • I’m sure there are other ways as well…

Thanks DLF now not have message.
But the Battery 2 not have value, only show -1.00v and with MP not have this problem.

Enter an issue in QGC github with details and include a telemetry log and I’ll figure out why

Sorry DLF but i don´t know what are the steps to enter an issue in QGC github.

Create a new Issue here: Add details, screen shots and a telemetry log