QGControl ESC Calibration - PX4Vision

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to use ESC Calibration function from QGControl but it looks quite messy.

I have a PX4Vision and when I use an older version of the PX4 firmware (v1.9 or 1.11 for instances) QGControl ask for an ESC calibration (which it doesn’t when I update the firmware to the most recent version… weird). I follow the instruction but as soon as the calibration is over it tells me I can unplug the battery and…nothing happen. I still have the red inscription telling me I have to calibrate the esc.
I have done the procedure a dozen times and it never change.

What is wrong with QGControl on this ? Why does it have an issue with ESC calib on older version of PX4 ?

(FIY I need an older version regarding the Avoidance system with which I have issue with the most recent px4 firmware version).