ESC Calibration through QGControl

Hi guys,
I have recently downgraded my PX4 version to v1.11.0 and in this version QGControl asks for an ESC calibration.
But every time I execute the procedure (unplug battery, drone connected via USB, launch calib, replug battery) it tells me that the calibration is done but the “Power” module is still in red and if I reboot the drone it will ask me to do calibration again…

Basically I can do the calibration hundred times it will never work… has anyone been in this situation too ?


Is it officially possible to downgrade Px4 version . Also are you using a plane config or Quad ?

When I say “downgrade” I just meant I took an older .px4 file and uploaded it to the PX4 controller. Through QGControl you can easily manage the px4 firmware.

I used the MultiCopter .px4 file, I saw there was a default one, I don’t know what would be the best.

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Sounds like you understand Qgroundcontrol…I’ve installed QGC and updated the firmware and now my drone isnt working at all…you think you can please