QGC does not recognize DSMX receiver

I’m struggling to bind a Spektrum 9645 DSMX receiver to my Pixhawk 4. I’ve flashed the stable release of PX4 and when I try to put the receiver into bind mode then I don’t seem to get any response (the light on the receiver does not flash as expected in bind mode). When I flash the developer version of the code onto the Pixhawk then I can bind the receiver to a DX8 radio, however, I’d prefer to use the stable release to get my project going. I’ve seen that this was a bug that was fixed (#16358) on Github earlier this year. Am correct in assuming that this bug fix is included in the latest stable version of the firmware?

I’ve found it best to bind it with Tx via the Rx first before connecting to the FC to avoid using the Bind function. Seem to work better that way.

Good luck.

This worked, thanks for the tip!