QGC Dev Call: June 11, 2021

June 11, 2021

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  • Community Q&A
  • Releases
  • In-Depth discussions

Attendee List

Community Q&A

Problem with QGC images not uploading to S3

  • There seem to be S3 permission issues with the keys that were provisioned
  • @dagar is helping @DonLakeFlyer verify the S3 keys, or update them, and review the GH action to make sure uploads are working (@rroche offered to help)

PX4 Artifact Release (side-topic)

  • GitHub Releases need to be archived
  • Uploads to S3 transitioned from Jenkins to GH
  • TODO: @rroche will update the CI pipeline

Tesing with latest PX4 (pre-release)
TODO: @rroche Ask in the PX4 Dev Cal if anyone has flown daily with upstream master

IMPORTANT PSA: Use Labels for cherry-picks

  • Move to sable
  • Move to master
  • Devcall

Docker Images

  • Deprecated the mavlink/container repository
  • We are moving the docker files to the QGC repo
  • Some are not moved but replaced.
  • The plan is to publish docker images to the QGC Packages Registry on GitHub
  • William G. (@Williangalvani) will help with the android container image once we get the next release with QT 5.15
  • Android Jenkins builds will remain on Jenkins until the next release

@Dagar is going to look at the PR that fixes the cmake build system for windows

@rroche is going to rebase the PR brings the ATTITUDE fixes


What is the plan for the next release?

  • On the next release we are moving to QT 5.15, which brings lots of changes, mainly fixes to mobile frameworks on iOS and Android.
  • Once we move to QT 5.15 we need to update the QGC container, and add a GH Action to check PRs
  • @DonLakeFlyer is working on the feature: Terrain frame support for surveys, and scans
  • Some PRs that need to be merged, and bugs on the current stable release that seemed important enough

In-Depth discussions

How to find the source of MAVLink and QGC on a complex MAVLink network
The question came up by a meeting attendee, with a complex MAVLink network on a drone, with traffic managed through a mission computer (companion computer), the main problem is identifying QGC and the main source of MAVLink (the autopilot). There seem to be many ways to get this done and every vendor is going their own route, and the team would like to have recommended solution that fits most use cases

  1. COMPONENT_INFORMATION mavlink message is a good step now that it supports metadata
  2. But we are still missing service discovery on the network, which can be done with mDNS or another solution
  3. @patrickelectric will open a discussion on the QGC repository (see below)
  • He’s going to start by defining what a complex mavlink network is, and what the problem is
  • Write down his own solution and make a proposal
  • We will open up the discussion for the community to throw in their feedback

Things to keep in mind / Potential Blockers

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

If you have any feedback or corrections please comment on this post.

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