QGC Dev Call: March 04, 2021

March 04, 2021

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  • Community Q&A
  • Project Board Discussion
    • High priority queue
  • Releases
  • In-Depth discussions (optional)

Attendee List

  • Moderator: Ramón Roche (Dronecode Foundation) @rroche
  • Julian Oes (Auterion)
  • Lorenz Meier (Auterion)
  • Daniel Agar @dagar
  • Vibhu (Aerobridge)
  • Patrick
  • Tzuriel
  • Jake
  • Willian Galvani
  • Christoffer Bjornram
  • Antoine Sublet
  • David Sastre
  • Antoine Sublet
  • M. Akkawi

Community Q&A

Raise your questions! drop a comment below!

Project Maintainers

Discussion from Call
The idea is to make this project easier to maintain, by breaking the codebase into smaller groups that we can tackle by component owner.

The problem is that right now pull requests sit in the queue for weeks and stall, we also have untagged issues that never get responses to.

The bar for proper project maintenance is not being kept, and we want to remedy this, by breaking the governance into sub-components.


  • giving component owners clear direction and responsibilities
  • having fallbacks in place for when the maintainer is either not available, or gone completely


  • We are going to move forward with the maintainer listed on the discussion linked above :point_up:
  • We need to find more people willing to help maintain the project (reach out if you are interested)

CI Discussion

We need to move out of Travis, it’s too slow, and it’s moving out of a freemium model to a paid subscription.

Progress has been made to port macOS builds to GitHub Actions, we might be able to leverage this to do a complete migration

Discussion from the call:
The plan will be to get most (if not everything) into containers, resurrecting the efforts on (mavlink/containers), make sure we can get a sustainable build infrastructure that allows us to scale.

  • Patrick, and @dagar want to start a transition from qmake to cmake.
    • Qt is moving to cmake, and it will unify across projects.
  • Work on the build system will happen independently of CI infrastructure
  • One of our goals will be to untangle the complexity of CI, and having PRs sit in the queue waiting for CI
  • We want to eventually move everything go Github Actions
  • Make sure the resulting solution is not worst to maintain than our current situation
  • We should be able to make a transition for most things
  • And bring/create the tools to make things happen smoothly
  • Manage dependencies properly, and document the hacks that are already in-place like the special zip files for dependencies

ACTION: Meeting between Patrick and @dagar to investigate the move to cmake

Automate iOS App Store Builds and Deploys

From Don: There is also a desperate need to automate pushing to the Apple store from CI (the Android store is automated). Right now I have to ask @dogmaphobic to do that manually since he’s the only one who knows how to do it! iOS releases can lag behind others for a long time.

Notes from the call:

  • the idea is that once we have the above CI and Build infrastructure in place we will be in a much better place to tackle the automation of pushing to the iOS store

Windows Builds and Deploys

Same as with the iOS situation, builds and deploys are pretty much manual at this point, we would like to move the deployments to the Window Store

ACTION: Poll the community, would they prefer to see QGC on the Windows Store?

Video Bugs in Master


Pull Requests

MAVlink Mission Protocol (mission feasibility)

Question from the group: is the discussion settled on the MAVLink side on how to handle this?
Answer: there was some work done but needs help to be pushed trough

GOAL: protocol level support for upload mission failure, GCS doesn’t have a way to know why it failed. Build this sub-protocol.

High priority queue

Discussion based on board:


In-Depth discussions (optional)

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

If you have any feedback or corrections please comment on this post.

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