QGC Dev Call: February 23, 2023

February 23, 2023

Join us


  • Maintainers Needed
  • Community Q&A
  • Project Board Discussion
    • High-priority queue
  • Releases
  • In-Depth discussions (optional)

Attendee List

  • Moderator: @mrpollo

Maintainers Needed

  • Booo needs help getting access to close tickets and review PRs
    • Works for Search Wing, a rescue effort based on ArduPilot and QGC on the mediterranean sea
    • Knowledgeable of Fixed Wings, Payloads, ROS, RPi
    • Company has educational resources for newcomers, end-users/pilots
    • Priority: getting stable releases out and doing bug fixes
  • Mooch software developer
    • works for a small defense contractor
    • using QGC/PX4 drones 3-4 years of experience
    • focused on the communication side of things
    • Working with applications that compliment QGC


  • Give maintainer access to anyone interested
  • FIX the S3 access for QGC to read the version files

The project is in dire need of maintainers to help sustain the pace of the community; the main areas we need help with are:

  • Android Builds
  • CI Infrastructure
    • Automated release process
    • Help with unreliable tests
  • Dependency management
    • gstreamer has been tough to control
  • GitHub Issue/PR queue
  • Sanity checking PRs on their way in
    • Help tuning the signal to noice ratio to a productive level
  • ETC…

PR Review Workflow

  • Dev Team goes through PR queue
    • If the maintainer has the time can review/merge/leave feedback
    • if the maintainer doesn’t have the time but can Sanity check tags “needs-final-review”, or “not-useful” and close
  • Add @DonLakeFlyer as a reviewer whenever there’s an urgent need or something is not clear

Community Q&A

Raise your questions!

High priority queue

Discussion based on board:


In-Depth discussions (optional)

For smaller groups expanding technical discussions, stay until the end and follow up.

If you have any feedback or corrections please comment on this post.