QAV 250 motors not spin up

Hello everyone.
I am new to PX community so show mercy :slight_smile:

My setup:
QAV 250
PX4 mini with GPS
Motors 2206 / 2300KV
Ground Control - QGC

I have assembled the QUAD iaw the quick guide.
I have calibrated the sensors.
I have calibrated the ECS.
I try to check the motors spinning through the QGC, however they do not spinnup at all.
I get 3 three sound beeper and a message “Motor test command denied”
Battery 60%


I have 3 Holybro QAV 250s exactly the same as yours. QGC’s motor test did not always work reliably for me either. I see you have calibrated the ESCs. I found that once everything was set up, I was able to arm the drones and they flew beautifully, despite them not always responding properly to QGC’s motor tests…

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Really glad for your reply.
However I think that the answer to this issue is the activation of “GPS safety switc” which is located on the GPS module.
Gratitude for your time