Px4flow with Raspberry Pi and Navio2


I am trying to use px4flow on Raspeberry Pi + navio2.
Was able to connect through an i2c cable the Navio2 i2c port to the equivalent i2c port on the px4flow module.
From the Raspbian shell I can do:
i2cdetect -y 1
The px4flow is seen with the default address of 42 as expected.
I also see another expected device on address 77.
The px4flow flashes its diodes as it should and looks ready to go.
The question is if px4 is ready to work with it.
Tried with the official v1.8.2 and v1.9.0-beta1.
The px4flow driver is not included in both and I had to add it manually to the respective files:
posix_rpi_common.cmake for 1.8.2
native.cmake for 1.9.0-beta1
In both versions I get a compilation error when px4flow is compiling.
The message says that it can’t find Nuttx related header files.
In addition the code in px4flow.cpp seems to use Nuttx specific calls.
Is px4flow driver not ported to work on a Linus OS ?
If so what is necessary for this to be done?
Is the driver the only change needed for all this to work with px4flow?
Based on your responses I can attempt to port it and make it work on Raspberry Pi + Navio2.
I am sure many other people would be interested in using it in this configuration.

Thank you


Any chance you’ve been able to solve this issue? I’m running into a similar roadblock.