PX4FLOW reading zeros


I have a PX4FLOW module that is reading zeros from the OPTICAL_FLOW_RAD messages… It can read the timestamp, temperature, and sensor ID, but all other values (gyro x/y/z etc) are zeros no matter how I twist and turn the module. Can someone give me some pointers on debugging this?


@broody Maybe you could try to connect it to QGroundControl via usb and upgrade the firmware. QGC should also enable you to view the picture from the flow sensor which would tell you that th camera is still ok.

Thanks tumbili,

I’ve tried connecting it directly to USB and can see that the pictures are coming in. However, OPTICAL_FLOW_RAD messages are still returning zero. But what’s strange is the OPTICAL_FLOW messages updates correctly. However, from what I understand PX4 uses OPTICAL_FLOW_RAD instead of OPTICAL_FLOW…