Pixhawk + PX4 + PX4Flow, no values from sensor

So I have bought this PX4Flow clone from Aliexpress and it’s not working. The only output I get is the video feed that I can view on the QGC. All other values are not returned so bascially my quad cant use it either. Help?

Also, this is the link to the sensor I’ve purchased

I purchased a similar one from Alibaba. Looking at Mavlink inspector I see two mavlink messages one is OPTICAL_FLOW_RAD and the other is just OPTICAL_FLOW. The flow readings in RAD messages are always zero but I do get proper flow readings from the other packet. Distance reading, however, is always zero… Anyway, since px4 only uses the RAD messages I have never gotten it to work. In the process of getting it to work with ardupilot.

Have you eabled the opflow?